Atomic Vapours Policies

Atomic Vapours has a strict set of policies and ethics regarding its conduct in the vaping industry. 

Atomic Vapours will not stock or sell any products that We deem to be targeting children whether it has been inadvertent or not. That is a game for big tobacco and one we are not interested in.  

For Example:

We are more than happy to take a 2nd look at our products if anyone objects to anything on our stock lists. However, in saying this, people who throw around the tag of "For the Future of Our Kids" to meet their own objectives, need not waste their time here. Keep away from our flavours. We like to think we have a logical viewpoint of the situation & will act accordingly. We don't need it in this industry and would imagine there would be very few that would be upset if they didn't see it.

We will never knowingly sell clone products. We have, unfortunately been supplied counterfeit products from an extremely large supplier who we trusted blindly and what could have led to a very harmful situation if the manufacturer wasn't as cool headed as they were. With so many vaping products on the market and continuously being released we may miss one again. If you believe you have recieved a counterfeit / cloned product please allow us a chance to remedy this and take it to our suppliers for an explanation. We will replace or refund if it is found to be correct and sub standard products have been purchased.  

We strongly disagree with non-smokers using these products, as far as we are concerned they should be used  for the intention Hon Lik invented them for, smokers or ex-smokers.

It is illegal to supply tobacco related products to anyone under 18yrs of age. You may be asked for I.D. please don't take offence as it just means that you are aging well and we would like to make sure we are not contributing to the negative image some have of vaping. If we have reason to believe orders have been made, or intended for use by anyone under the age of 18 Atomic Vapours will immediately cancel and refund any such orders. Any customers found to be breaching this law will be banned from any future purchases with Atomic Vapours and if necessary have their details passed on to the relevant authorities. 

Atomic Vapours will not sell any vaping products to underage children and hope all in the vaping industry have a similar stance on the matter. Just because we were sold cigarettes doesn't mean we should follow such appalling examples.

Current Max fine in Qld for supplying smoking products to a child - Up to 420 units = 1 unit: $130.55

It is not advised to use e-cigarettes during pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding .

Atomic Vapours does not and will not sell nicotine in any form whilst it is considered a 'Dangerous Poison' under Schedule 7 under the Federal Poisons Act and remains illegal to manufacture, obtain, possess, prescribe, dispense, sell, advertise, use or destroy nicotine in the great and free state of Queensland. 

The Current ​maximum penalty in this helpful always logical state of Queensland is $9108 per offence. 

The information and materials contained on Atomic Vapours(AVs) website are provided for information only and should not be used as a basis for making purchase decisions. Any advice or information received via this website or otherwise provided should not be relied upon solely. Please do your own research when deciding on a product purchase we accept no liability for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from action taken, or not taken, in reliance on information or materials contained on this website.​

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