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 Vaping Beginner Info


Some important tips and bits & pieces to get you through your 1st purchase and vaping. The Biggest piece of advice anyone can give you right now is do some research, please. people around you are a great source of info but some may be incorrect or only 1 way of several of doing something a differing perspective might fit with you better.

Below are some topics all new vapers need to know and we will add to this page once we are up and running and can focus on other topics we would like included here. Any topics not discussed here but you think are important let us know and we can look at including them here. 

Beginner Tasks 

Firstly though a few truths that people tend to forget to tell you:

* You are going to cough - it feels stronger but its just a different delivery than we are used to. Don't panic. Play with your settings, the airflow how you take the vape in and how long you are drawing the vape any of these and small things may change everything. 

* Don't worry you aren't drooling... you just have a great looking beard or mo growing. remember we are vaping and its going to wet the whistle and the beard you might just have to work on your exhale so your moustache isn't dripping at the end of a good session. On a hot day try lying on your back, take a vape and slowly exhale your vape it should rise and then, being denser, fall back and cool your face. Its surprisingly refreshing when its hot as hell. 

*People are still going to look at you like you are trash for 'smoking' in their general vicinity. Even smokers will give you the filth eye. A lot of that is just misinformation and uneducated guesses as to what you are doing . If they are open to it, educate them, respectfully & maybe we will win some over . But people have preconceived ideas of everything to do with vaping and rarely educate themselves enough to be able to withstand the slightest scrutiny of their ideals. I can personally say that it did feel like a kick in the guts when researching the opposition and general public dislike of it. It's like that person that no matter what you do it's just not quite good enough. 

* Your tank is going to leak, once again its ok, as far as I can tell nearly every beginners 1st tank leaks.

We must over-tighten and push and prod it because we are unsure, I don't know its just what happens. You

do not need to tighten the hell out of it, it needs to take up with the o-ring just enough to make a seal. The

metal is going to expand and contract with the heat when used so to tight its going to bind and stay there. 

*You most likely will need to use a mechanical aid to get your tank off or taken apart

at some point. Many a tank has felt the teeth of a pair of multi's, sometimes with less care than should be

used. Just don't get to attached to your 1st tank, because its not getting out of this deal in one piece.

There are some aides out there but have yet to find one that doesn't snap after a few uses but we will find

one and post a link here when we do. 



A Must Watch

Ok, so it took quite some time to find the right 1st video but Steve Rehberger here from Legion Vapes when I listened to him I found he resonates with my thinking on nearly everything he goes over. All that searching and he was here in Australia the whole time.

Steve is an independent reviewer so he's got nothing to sell you or reason to head you in a certain direction. Just an excellent example of what the vaping community should be offering. Their opinions, experiences and freely given information to be heard instead of people shoving around what's best for you who have never touched a cigarette and have no clue as to what people go through. 

These 5 points are bang on topics that will get you headed to your goal. However it is absolutely your journey!!

Don't think there is only 1 way of doing it and that's it. You might have to go through 3-4 juices to find what spins your wheels, maybe even a different tank to better suit. But please give it a shot before packing it in and going back over.  

The Mooch

Finding Me: - Mooch ECF blog: - Mooch Facebook page: - Mooch315 electronic_cigarette subreddit posts: - batterymooch on Instagram:


Your Device Blown Up

(Not the bad Way)

Aspire Pockex
Aspire Zelos
Vaporesso NRG Tank
Digiflavor UBox

As you can see the majority of starter devices don't have to many differences: they are all going to consist of a power source, a base that conducts the power to the coil (consumable), the coil that atomizes the surrounding liquid into vapour and delivered directly from coil into the chimney and inhaled through the drip tip. 

I would suggest that everyone when getting a new tank to explode it, like above. It gives you a better understanding of your device and what is happening inside when you fire it.

However if it has been sitting for awhile which most have a bit of shelf life before being opened then sometimes the O-Rings on them can stick or grab on surfaces mainly sticking to the the glass tube. If you come across this its probably best to run a tank of juice through so that rubber gets lubricated and is less

likely to tear and create a leak point.   

The controls on your device will pretty much tell you how much you can change things up with any particular device. 


0 - 1 button only - AIO's/ pen style devices are for the most part only going to have a fire button with no others for Variable wattage and other similar controls. Which is why we don't back them as a beginners 1st device, there is no personalization, it is giving you what that battery is able to deliver then and there. And for most that's not enough.

There have been very few people when asked don't require that personal preference ability in your vape. We get told this story over & over again - Got one of those vape pens..... it was crap ..... chucked it in the bin. Good way to keep people doing what they know. Hmmmmm wonder what every tobacconist stocked, up until recent times????

There are a number of these in our beginner kits store page as there are still people who want that quick style of vaping. They don't have the time or patience or whatever to dedicate towards the more involved devices so we have some that we see as the better of the lot of these styles. 


2-4 buttons and you have a variable voltage possibly Temp control available device. Read your manual, that will probably be the only time you will ever see me say that one.

Otherwise a joke for help the manuals still should have all the key combinations for accessing the settings.

Common button combinations are:

 5 clicks of the fire button = On/off

3 clicks fire button = settings menu 

Holding + & - buttons = locking those buttons. Good for not maxing out your next vape and killing your coil because its been leaning up against something getting its buttons pushed.

4th button found on a lot of Vaporesso gear is your setting button.

There are a lot of combinations to do a lot of different things, you will have to do a bit of research into them. If you find that hey I just like my smart setting and that's all I need then for the most part you are going to be good. But your hand, pocket, purse or bag has a funny way of pushing things when you don't want them to. You might find your device has been changed to a setting you don't want & without a basic understanding of your buttons you may be stuck 


The first 2 are more likely to create a MTL vaping experience, which is more like a drag on a cigarette taking a puff into the mouth then drawing it into the lungs these drip tips allow a small but concentrated flow of vapour which can intensify the flavour of your juice. Then from there it is whatever suits you, there is a massive range of drip tips. Hard to cater for everyone's needs so if you have your heart set on a certain style let us know and we can source them for you.

510 is the most common size however now a lot of devices are  coming with optional 810 converter and 2nd drip tip option these allow a larger bore sized drip tip, like the last drip tip shown above. These aren't for everyone as the direct to lung style vaping can set a huge coughing fit off for those not used to it. Again this is going to be a personal thing that you can have a bit of a play around with.

Cleaning - these get kind of feral after a tank or 2 goes through them. The oily residue left from vaping is excellent at grabbing any fluff, dirt and general by product of our lives. They must be cleaned and a rinse is fine. A cotton bud and paper towel - even better. Something I do recommend is the EnergyStash that I have been trialling for a month now, trying to decide if its worth stocking or not. for the effortless ease of use and larger amount of items cleaned at once they are definitely worth having around. plus it will surprise you how much unseen scum is sitting on the bottom of it after a use. When they come in they are worth a look. Will post a link here when arrived. 



You will hear and see people "priming" their coils a fair bit as this is a way to get the saturation of your coils cotton moving along while you get the tank back together when replacing coil heads. A good habit to get into as it will reduce the risk of burning your coil and having to go back and replace the coil you just put in. It can get expensive after doing it a few times and reducing your brand new replacement coil stash. All it involves is putting a few drops into each liquid portal on the coil to begin absorption.


Jade in this video is doing a few different style tank refills which is worth having a look at >> 

Filling holes in a Vaporesso EUC coil to pre-saturate your vaping coil. Atomic Vapours, Brisbane Vape Shop

Top Filling

Vaporesso NRG Tank

Vaporesso NRG Tank Available at Atomic Vapours, Brisbane Vape Shop, Australia.

Side Filling

Wismec Orma  Tank

Wismec Orma Tank available at Atomic Vapours. Brisbane Vape Shop, Australia
Vision MK Sub-Ohm Tank Available at Atomic Vapours. Brisbane Vape Shop, Australia

Bottom Filling

Top and bottom are fairly straight forward.


Always make sure you fill onto the glass so you don't accidentally fill into the chimney and flood the internal chamber of your coil over-filling will create the same problem. If you do get the shakes or a bump as you are doing it, it is better to disassemble, dab dry what you can and start again. Otherwise steady air blown back through the drip tip may push it back out the air intake slots & fix the issue, if not fixed they can spit and gurgle for a long time and it can get annoying.

There are some side and top filling tanks that when filling have nowhere for the displaced air in the tank to go and will keep bubbling juice back out if you find you have one of these tanks get a blunt injector or longer nosed bottle and it makes filling time so much tidier. There are a few options in here for that.

Always keep an eye on your juice level and unless changing your flavour keep it topped up. Stop that accidental dry burn from happening and lengthen the longevity of your coil. If you have a protective vape band on your tank then shimmy it up towards the top of the tank so you can see the bottom and whether the tide level is going out.


These are as varied as the tanks themselves and manufacturers seem to not be able to make more than a few tanks fit around the same coil. Its very hard to keep up with the coils on our part so try to start looking at replacing those coils before you start getting a funny little taste on your tongue and you're on your last coil. The popular coils can be sold out for us as well and itr might be a long time before the factory is able to start fulfilling orders again.  There are videos on you Tube on cleaning your used coils so you can give them some legs if you get stuck. Quick search and here's one from RIP Trippers is a big saving especially when you start getting up into the 6, 8 ,12's range. 

BEFORE you install a new coil, have a look on the side of it. There will be a very faint print on it. Very Faint and sometimes unreadable when you put it in a tank and fill it with liquid so check it before putting it in.

Vision MK Replacement Coils at Atomic Vapours. Brisbane Vape Shop, Austalia

This will give you the ohms rating these particular ones are cranking 0.2Ω and  have a range from 30W

all the way up to 100W. They are where you start, take your wattage all the way down to, in this case 30W  then slowly bring it up to where you like it. Keep checking once in awhile to see if it cant get better as some coils take a little

time  to 'break in'. That range provided is a manufacturers optimum vaping range for everything not only taste and cloud but longevity, re-saturation of the coils between vapes etc so don't be scared of keeping within it, its just a recommendation. Find your own way. 

We will be compiling a compatibility list of coils to tanks, so we all have more options when you can't get onto the ones you're after. Coming soon. 


The pieces below are the 100 go to devices for Atomic Vapours. You might notice a few things with the ones we have selected here:


1 - No Removable Batteries 

That's something you don't need to be worrying about straight away. Firstly there are safety issues surrounding the use of these large capacity batteries we use in our mods. Why complicate things to begin with. Also its an extra cost its batteries + a correct charger. If this isn't for you and you don't keep going with a vape (highly unlikely if set up correctly) then that will be something else just lying around catching dust. 


2 - Low Watts

You may have seen people out there with 220W devices and think that's it that's for me then please reconsider you have no need for that high. Most sit anywhere between 30-70W on a day to day vape set up even though they have capabilities far higher and majority of coils are rated less than 100W the highest here is 80W in the Tarot Nano and I can almost guarantee you won't use it that high. In contrast the Wismec CB-60 with Amor Tank has a 60W capacity however the supplied & pre installed coil (WS03 MTL) is suggested to be used between 7-13W it is completely designed for beginners.


3 - There's not Many 

No there isn't but these are specifically chosen to allow the smoothest transition possible. All here will provide adjustable power, protection of accidental use in their chips and their settings, airflow adjustments etc. There are more styles in the beginners store page and they are quality devices but maybe 1 little thing has stopped us putting them in this list that may be fine for you that's a personal choice you have to make for yourself.  


4 - There are Stand alone Tanks??    

If you decide you don't like any of the set ups below you can mix and match your tank with a different Mod, these tanks are a recommendation for that situation. Just be wary of what you are putting it on and the power it can deliver.  

These are only only things AV's has found helps what works for one may not for others. Don't take anyone's advice as being gospel try everything differently when you think you might have found the be all end all of vape gear. You might find that was only 1/2 as good as it can get, variety is one of the best things about these device. 


Some further Information

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A Billion Lives Documentary 

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