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Beginners Kits

This is where we hope something amazing will begin.   

Research your new device it's a must.

Watch reviews, company videos etc anything you can to succeed. 

Reviewers will pick up things about your device you won't see for weeks, if at all. The vape reviewers also break the device down so it will give you a greater understanding of your machine without you breaking a single thing. They are a must, especially if you don't have a fellow vaper around. Remember its your thing now, people can give you advice but it won't be the exact same for you. I haven't met identical vape twins yet, everyone has something they like to do that's different.

For a bit more in depth information to start  with.    

 Start Here.  

Atomic Vapours absolute proven beginners kits are definitely the Vaporesso Tarot Nano with 100% success rate so far in personally dealt with cases. The same can be said for the Wismec PB-60 and Aspire Zelos with Nautilus 2 tank. Along with the Vaporesso Tarot Baby they are all excellent beginners kits. All these beginners kits are designed for ease of use but still give users total personalised functionality.  The Geekvape Aegis Mini Starter Kit is there for the tradies and other professions that require protection against almost everything. The Aegis has dust, water and shock resistance.

They are all plug and play vaping devices so no excess costs to begin with and along with battery safety issues with  beginners,  this takes this problem out of the equation. This allows beginners to be able to concentrate on what's important and focus on themselves and not a boat load of extra info. These beginner devices also allow the tank to be changed with other tanks if the one included isn't doing it for you any more. 

We have other options as everyone on this little trip is different in how they want their vape set-up. Inclusions with the top dog vapes mentioned already, are the Viva Kita - Fusion kit . The Fusion kit has a few different power options and is nice & compact. The only reason it doesn't reach the lofty heights of the above is the lack of being able to personalise it further, with interchangeable tanks etc. Otherwise the Viva Kita Kit is a cracker if you are happy with what is provided in the kit.

Then there are the stealth vaping options available the Suorin Drop leading that class after Atomic Vapours seeing first hand what a great device it is for a broad range of smokers and current vapers. The Eleaf iCare bringing a bit of extra longevity to the table with the charger unit as back up in case of a heavier vape day is always going to be handy too. The biggest thing though is how small these devices are and still manage to pump vape clouds and provide great flavour also. They may all be small but they pack a decent punch.

The selection provided here by Atomic Vapours should cover nearly everyone's needs and expectations from beginner vapers. However if there is something that is missing that you think deserves and should be part of the catalogue here please let us know. If we don't happen to agree that it should be included we can still bring in singular orders for you and normally do one along with every normal order we put in. Let us know by dropping us a message.