Two of the Best Beginners Kits

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Hi, this will hopefully be a part of a number of vaping product reviews on Atomic Vapours Best & Baddest and why they are this way, . Please don't expect to much I don't have the massive technical background as a lot of on line Vape reviewers have but I will be trying to give more of a no bullshit, unpaid for look at entirely my own dealings with the devices.

These are and have been the 2 best beginner/ starter kits in Atomic Vapours arsenal for some time now. They are both styling there own looks and between the two they could cover, I believe around 90% of beginner vapers. Lets first of all see the Specs of these two Vaporesso gems:

Vaporesso Tarot Nano Starter Kit

Vaporesso Tarot Nano Mod

Diameter: 69x38x22.5mm

Weight: 115g

Output modes: VW/VT(Ni200, SS, Ti, TCR)

BYPASS,CCW, CCT, Smart mode

Temp Range:100℃-315℃/280F-600F

Suitable atomizer: 0.15Ω-5Ω

Standby Current: <35uA

Voltage Range: 0- 8.5 v

Battery Cell: 2500mah Built In Battery

Thread: 510 thread

Display: OLED Standby

Vaporesso Veco Tank

Dimension: 48 x 22mm

Weight: 37g

Capacity: 2ml

Coils: EUC Coils

Vaporesso Target Mini Starter Kit

Vaporesso Target Mini Mod

Diameter: 58.1x36.5x24.2mm

Weight: 95g

Output Wattage: 5-40W

Output Modes: VM/VT(Ni, SS,Ti)/TCR(M1,M2)

Temp Range: 100℃-315℃/200F-600F

Suitable atomizer: VW:0.15Ω-5Ω / VT:0.1Ω-1.0Ω

Standby Current: ﹤30uA

Voltage range: 0- 9v

Battery Cell: 1400mAh Built In Battery Thread: 510 thread

Display: 0.49” OLED

Vaporesso Guardian Tank

Diameter: 55 x 22mm

Weight: 60g

Capacity: 2ml

Coils: CCell Coils

Vaporesso have certainly kicked goals with these two bad boys.

Starting with the Target Mini. This comes with 2 drip tips a stop standard 5/10 drip tip and then a MTL designed Drip tip that changes the vape completely. This is perfect for beginners and certainly compliments the other attributes of the Target Mini.

Next of the well-thought-out plans on the Target for Beginners, although possibly frustrating, there is a great thought process behind it. To refill the Guardian tank & change the Coil then you have to unscrew from just under the drip tip on the knurled section (Above the Tip Connector in the picture above).

Filling the Vaporesso Target Mini Tank

Now this is a reverse thread so unscrew

in a clockwise direction. Then the tip connector is unscrewed traditionally,

counterclockwise. Both refilling and

coil change out can be done at this point.

The coil simply lifting out no more

threads to deal with. This is a great

feature for those out there with kids

that manage to get a hold of everything as the 2 threads opposing each other are going to keep the most determined kid out of the insides of the tank.

The Vaporesso Target features - 40W variable power and temperature, mod with a built in 1400mAh battery, and customised output modes. Which for most coming off cigarettes is as much as they will need. I do think majority of vapers will however upgrade within 3-5 months just for bigger capabilities and larger battery capacity when moving into DTL style vaping. This is still something I pick up on a regular basis to have a vape on. It provides a good solid vape all day and with the remaining battery clearly displayed on the OLED screen then there are no sad surprises to be had. Its light and it hasn't missed a beat while I've used it. You have the choice of changing out tanks if the Guardian Tank isn't doing it for you or just want a second flavour/ Nic strength tank available.

The Vaporesso Target Mini Kit has earned its spot as a top Beginners kit.

Check out Atomic Vapours available Target Mini Range.

Now the Vaporesso Tarot Nano

The Vaporesso Tarot Nano along with the Target Mini has the ability of a change in tanks.

Has VW/VT modes, good OLED displays all those things the Target has also.

The Tarot Nano, being just as small as the Target Mini, brings a bigger punch with up to 80W being able to be drawn on. Obviously needing bigger battery storage it has a bank of 2500mAh to draw from. This is a bigger and badder step up from the Target Mini but that obviously may not be for everyone. Yes this can be set way down to simulate the ciggie draw that you want, but it doesn't satisfy someone looking for that MTL drag like the Target provides.

The refills are nice and simple on the Tarot with unscrewing the top from the airflow ring which exposes the tanks refilling area. Not as easy as the swing tops that are a bit more common now but in saying that there are a number of tanks that employ those fill tops that start swinging open at the slightest breeze. So a little unscrewing of the top for refills may not be the worst thing out there.

Replacing the coil is very easy with the Tarot Nano.

If the juice is below the inlet ports when turned upside down then it can be unscrewed and the coil taken out and replaced without having to drain the tank and is easy, clean and quick.

They are both nice and easy to maintain devices & tanks with little chance of leaking as both employ a top airflow.

Now if its choice in design you crave then go no further i believe so far there are 12-13 different designs of the Tarot Nano with more being released all the time. If we don't have the one you are after let us know & we can most likely get it in on the next order. Check out Atomic Vapours available Tarot Nano's

Both have great flavour for sub-ohm tanks so the real question is what are you going to use it for?

If its MTL or just as a 2nd device that's nice and easy to take for a night out & you don't plan on moving into the DTL world then the Target is for you. If you wanted to start on something that you won't have to upgrade for a little longer and you think you would like the bigger range on a device. The Tarot is probably better suited, we have had a few people come back and get the Tarot as an upgrade to the Target Mini so it is seen as a next step for some people.

Whatever your choice is, you won't be disappointed as they are both high quality devices, that's almost a given with the Vaporesso Brand tag on it but for a starter they are extremely good and I haven't had a complaint yet. As I said I go back for the Target and I do also for the Tarot on a regular basis. They would be our best sellers when it comes to beginners and so far I haven't had any fails when dealing 1 on 1 with clients who buy them & are willing to take on advice.

They both have equal rights contending for Best Beginners Device.

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