Flavour Ban Idiots Are Coming

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Here they go again, unintelligent people being lead by senators whose only concerns are the lining of the state treasury or their own pockets by big Pharma dollars. Bad enough San Francisco has gone and done it.

73yr old (up with the times) Illinois Senator Richard J Durbin, let's call him what he really is, DoubleD - Dick Durban needs to make a splash before he falls from the mortal plain teaming up with Alaskan Lisa Murkowski to introduce a child targeted flavour ban bill.

Apparently these fuckers don't eat lollies or sweet things as they believe any sweet flavours must be targeting of children by big tobacco. To get their claws into them again, maybe the dentures aren't strong enough for gummi bears.

I would love to ask Dick & the Murk, if you make vape taste like shit like the ciggies taste. What is the difference then to a child who is going to do one of them to be in the cool crowd no matter what????? Because some kids are just a bit stupid and wilful than others, like myself obviously. They both taste like shit, ones easily accessible at any shop, servo etc and cheaper in the short run, and only requires a lighter to get going. Hhhhhmmmmmm wonder what that child is going to go for. So in saying that, are you Dick and you Murk happier for that said child to pick up a pack of cancer causing(No doubt about this info) cigarettes?????? And if that was your child what would you prefer the little shites to go and grab for their rebellious stint????? Why not put a bill forward instead banning all ncotine, in all products??? If that is the truest evil here?? Instead go at flavours with the tried and true call of 'for the children'

This bill being introduced by a senator that should really have retired a long time ago come on Dick you've done enough retire. Damn, our pollies can retire at the ripe old age of 50 or so and still qualify for a 6 figure pension, must be a bit tougher in the U.S. The only successful thing the Dick has done since 2013 has been to get a resolution passed to recognize the month of October as Filipino American history month 3 years in a row. And now after having all his anti Trump bills go nowhere he must need that splash before he dips out. And then the Alaskan Murk who was appointed to the Senate by her father and has never won a majority vote for her terms in the Senate. These are the qualifies personnel leading the anti flavour ban on vaping. Well done Murk & Dick You have definetly qualified as the Dicks of the Week.

I am truly against any targeting of "child friendly" products and labelling in our industry & hate seeing labelling of that type on juices and won't sell them. But guess what I like a slice of choc cake or even a bag of gummi bears might take my fancy too. Some flavours take me back to when I was a child so I like to revisit those tastes every once in a while. Not in my vape unfortunately, it doesn't sit well with me, but in a pack or slice of those things.

Soooo.... Let's start looking at banning sweet flavoured anything then, to go after that epidemic of childhood obesity & diabetes. Yeeeeww now there's a cause you could sink your dentures into😉


Support your local Aussie Vape store, because the Gov't won't.

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