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Updated: Aug 8, 2018

I wrote this up for a beginner looking for some advice and afterwards thought it might help as part of the blog:

Mate congrats firstly I hope its as as easy for you as it was for me. Because believe the hype these things are magic

. If I where yourself I would look into Aspire, Vaporesso, Wismec, Joyetech these 4 brands are well stocked throughout Australia they are well made Wisec being one of the most battered vapes I have ever abused. Their CB-60 is probably the closest to a cigarette draw I have ever come across and solid. Aspire Zelos w Nautilus 2 50W is what I and a mate quit on and it allowed for a lot of personalisation to dial it in to your perfection. Vaporesso Target Mini Kit 40W Excellent transition device with the change of a drip tip (mouthpiece) it changes it completely from a ciggie draw (MTL) to a bit more of an open lung draw (DTL). But probably what you would be more looking at is the Vaporesso Tarot Nano 80W that thing fires up if you need it to. Really good flavour out of it too. I would just recommend purchasing a different drip tip to go with it. Vase shaped if you're likening it to anything. It creates a more limited draw on it. Because doesn't matter what you smoked prior these do make people cough like a new stoner anywhere from a few hours to can't ever vape from the more opened draw. Just constantly makes them cough their guts up. Came across a 2 year vaper a few weeks back that couldn't deal with his new tank until he changed up that drip tip. They all have changeable tanks on them so you can change up the tank later to up grade your'e not stuck into a AIO (All In One). All of the above do not require batteries. Plug and play. As a new vaper its one less thing to worry about with these types of batteries and 2 less expenses Batteries & chargers. and any vendor that recommends that you should without pointing you towards the obvious risks involved in battery safety and up keep should be publicly flogged. Have a look at what can happen, but very rarely does, when batteries go bad. I don't want to turn you of the idea but its something that very few people point out to newcomers for fear of turning them off or something stupid. Battery safety is the No 1 safety issue we have in this industry, well that and anti-vapers. They are dicks and i'm sure you will find out all about their crusade against us. I can't comment on the nicotine gear there but make sure you have a few juices to go to. Don't put up with a flavour that's just ok find a great juice but it might take you 5 to get there. Its a sure way to let your brain trick you into getting onto a ciggie because you think it will be great. Your brain sucks & it can trick you at the slightest wavering of your will power. So don't let it get to that point. Fill your vaping with awesome flavours. But be careful as well I thought like most bang straight to the sickly sweet choc, candy, desserts, pastry isle like I can allow myself in real eating every once in awhile, made me feel sick to the point of a puke. So don't get hung up on things that your mouth likes in for real and change if its not working. One of the most peculiar flavours for me at the moment is Stardust now wait for it. its bloody cucumber and melon ???????????? Go figure not something I would have imagined I would seek out of all my flavours to get to daily. So just be ready to roll with the punches.

You are going to get a 2nd device I bet you, its just what happens because imagine yourself free of that crap and then it breaks happened to me luckily a 30 minute panic drive sorted it out but you might not be as fortunate to live as close and there's is something that's readily accessible at every corner store............. Ciggies. way of taking in a good hit of nicotine. So something to think about for the future.

One last thing don't set a date or a number of ciggies before it has to happen. we all put so much pressure on a date and if you have a non smoking partner like I do they have even more pressure coming on setting a date. I never set a date and the successful ones that have just hammered it out never have either because at the end of the day we are smokers and we buck against anyone telling us what we should be doing to better ourselves, even if it is ourselves we will naturally tell ourselves to get f'd and go smoke twice as much. It will just happen you will be doing something and then realise that you haven't touched a ciggie in 2 hrs and the 1st thing you will do is light up but enjoy those little moments because you will start to realise then, what a magic little device you have in your possession.

Enjoy your new life I would love to see your face when it happens its a unique look, that I fortunately have seen on a few people now & in itself, is our magic because we know its someone off the shite we lived with for so long and we have had a small part in it. Message anytime you have questions or worries I love helping people to get off the death dealers and am more than happy to help.

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