Geek Vape Aegis Solo with Cerberus Tank

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

I am a big fan of Geekvape and their Aegis line and am glad they have come back to reinvigorate the original 100W addition. The original was my 1st GeekVape device and only my 3rd ever mod. What I liked about it coming from a tradesman background was its durability and all round toughness (This after destroying my first two devices quickly because of the work I was doing). 

The 200W release I thought wasn't the best for the majority of people who were buying the Aegis for work reasons. I thought they were going to find the size that little bit to much. The 100W design was just tolerable for work pants pockets as it was. The 80W release I thought was great as it catered for vaping beginners. With internal batteries, a bigger tank for the more needy of vapour clouds but with the same tough body, it was bang on. But both the 200W and the 80W had disadvantages for the people who wanted this strong devices best features for work. 

Version 2 of the 100W Aegis has now come with the Geek Vape Aegis Solo, and it ticks nearly all the boxes.

Quick spec comparison: New / Old

  • 163gms / 270gms - Unfilled & no battery

  • 128x41x31mm / 136x46.5x38mm (HxWxD)

  • 5.5ml / 4.5ml - E-Juice capacity

  • 18650 / 18650, 26650, 20/21700 (with adaptor) Batteries able to be used. 

  • Coil Compatibility is the same.

Previously I have found the first version of most kit devices the best, with the weight loss and size reduction on the following starter kits tends to make the kits less durable and flimsy feeling (Drag for example). This however has shed weight and shrunk but it still feels solid and durable like the original. The only thing I have found to be a con when comparing, is the battery availability, allowing for only an 18650 battery. I only run the Aegis original with 26650 batteries and it never had daily usage issues. I do wish that they had of maybe sacrificed a few more mm's in size to allow for a 20/21700 option. However to offset this, the Solo unlike the original is able to be charged with the 1.5A USB fast charging port provided. This makes it a quick recharge and you are vaping strong again.

So with the size and weight loss, Cerberus tank, USB charging, protection from damage and along with the AS-100 chip that delivers super fast fire speed with a 9 millisecond button response time the Solo is up there with the best mid range starter kits available.

Long live the Aegis!

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