Idiot of the Week Award Goes To....

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Aspen City Council have put their hand up and are flying the flag for the growing group of Idiot masterminds.

On Monday the brains trust of Aspens City Councilmembers voted 4-0 (1 absent) to ban the sale of flavoured e-cigarettes products.

This was voted for in favour of a total ban on all tobacco flavoured products, that would have included menthol cigarettes and flavoured chewing tobacco. Apparently the included ban of known cancer causing flavoured cigarettes hit a stalemate of a 2-2 vote.

So obviously the esteemed members of

the council decided they would at least

strike a blow to the more dangerous and

wicked of the contestants and gave

vaping the thumbs down to vapers

taste buds.

Yes, vaping with its small numbers of chemicals & ingredients appears to have taken the #1 spot in - Aspens Most Unwanted list from the obviously misunderstood cigarette with its 7000 or so chemicals that now is still able to be flavoured.

I guess now with all the flavours being taken away from vape, the curious kids of Aspen can get back on those flavour filled cigarettes.

That being because they will be far more appealing than the e-cigarettes that will taste only slightly better than ass.

Good job Council Members way to penalize a grown persons decision to better ones life by choosing an option that so clearly has obvious benefits over the other instead of putting more emphasis on policing the sale of vape/ cigarette products to minors. Increase the penalties given if found to have sold to, or purchased for an underage person. I bet retailers will think twice if they hear their counterparts have just been bankrupted for knowingly hooking a kid up to a life time of fighting an addiction.

Aspen was closely followed by Colorado state as a whole recently who also did a bit of banning themselves. They have banned vaping were cigarettes are currently banned already so bringing e-cigarettes into the fold of the current ban of smoking in certain areas.

“If we allow e-cigarettes to be used in public places, it falsely communicates that products are different from cigarettes or other tobacco products,” said Ashley Brooks-Russell, who directs the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey.

??? I was a bit confused at this statement as I think you might find Ashley that they are significantly different. That is if you actually read the data being produced from all over the medical and scientific world that is actually properly tested, compiled and open to scrutiny before being published.

Now I think you will find the majority of vapers will really not have any problems with these additions to our vaping freedoms. Being that they are including restaurants, places of business, workplaces etc etc. Fair enough, if I had the prettiest pink lungs that had never been touched by any other than oxygen

I wouldn't want to sit beside a vaper punching out clouds that Thomas the Tank Engine would be proud of either.

However I am sure they haven't made any provisions in their fantastic legals that mentions anything to do with protecting any vapers lungs that are surely on their way to pretty pink also. This being when they are pointed to where they are able to vape in these certain restricted areas. I am thinking that they will be directed to the place where volumes of 2nd hand cigarette smoke is lurking. We decide to vape to stop breathing that death in.

Will employers and officials be exposing themselves to legalities if vapers start asserting the fact that they have been exposed to cancerous 2nd hand smoke by these people. It would be an easy win in the courts for lawyers if they were representing a non vaper/ non smoker who was made to do the same. When are vapers going to have the right to not be exposed to cigarette smoke also.

Another bewildering statement in support of restricting vapers:

Greg Tung, a Colorado School of Public Health assistant professor, testified that the best available research also shows that e-cigarettes alone are not “useful for harm reduction and cessation” when it comes to cigarettes. In fact, it’s actually been associated with continued cigarette use.

Would love to see the "research" & I have meet a lot more people with vaping success stories than any other approved pharma product. Sure as shit beats the pants of Champix.

So a good idiot turn out this week, we are sure it can still be eclipsed next week all mentioned get a Idiot Approval Badge for their efforts.

Support your local Aussie Vape store, because the Gov't won't.

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