My Last Thoughts when finishing a Major Vaping Survey.

I thought maybe this may be able to help people if they are having their own doubts or 2nd thoughts. Or maybe a look in for a non smoker.

Nothing has come close to the ease and change in thinking on smoking and quitting. I had tried everything patches, pills, lozenges, inhalers, hypnotism, Champix along with Temazepam to keep the nightmares down and of course the big old frigid turkey. Quit for 2yrs and got back on but I know now I'm done. Even the 2yrs I would have people that I would have a sneaky ciggie with & it was always a nervous truce more than a victory. I have no doubt if I have access to a vape even if its just for big nights or stress situations I will stay quit. Its hard to describe the moment when it fell into place after dialling my device into perfection only that it was like empowerment, I guess to finally have pulled back a part of your life you had lost control of so long ago and has cost you so much already not only financially but not really knowing if you might have quit that day to late & it's coming back to take me from my kids and wife. 

I have been trying since I was 19. Prior to coming to Australia at 20 I had already had a session of hypnotism, patches and some funky gel pills. Whilst quitting I was off work with a knee injury, long term for me anyway just shy of 1 year laid up. It was a strange injury as there were no outward signs of it & not picked up on scans. So apart from the specialist everyone looked at me sideways on the topic including doctors, physios, friends  everyone. At the same time I was put to work to make sure I didn't get used to the "easy" life", in a warehouse. It was a struggle to stay busy and the 3 staff were so far into their own little warehouse world that it was a very solitary time. My confidence got a battering over those few months & in general I withdrew from people in general aside from a few staunch people in my life at that point it would have got a lot darker than it did for me. We were planning a wedding in April overseas, a downturn in the industry in jobs, I wasn't informed as to when work cover might pull the pin, which has just happened now, and knowing the industry I wouldn't have lasted a week if they had of. I was also learning how to develop a website, start a business, getting my wages cut by a quarter & cut completely over Xmas, 93 medical appointments in 9 months, Tax Man coming after me for 10g's because everyone around me including himself, stuffed my tax return the previous year. Any of those things in the past would have put me back on the smokes for sure, but I haven't even tried a puff & am now down to 0% Nicotine.

So far I've got a 100% success rate & there's a cool moment and a look people get when they get to their moment of realisation that its over, surprised, amazed, relieved, excited which then eventually turns to anger when they find out that people not only dislike it but are actively blocking these devices from becoming mainstream with pitiful evidence behind there calling. And language like - might, could, possibly, may contain carcinogens. No factual evidence or left out evidence in their arsenal against e-cigs. Wrapping it up if they banned, slowed the progress of, or made it highly expensive due to taxing these products, in my eyes it amounts to murder because the longer its kept out of mainstream availability, people are dying - leaving their kids and spouses, ruined by the govt's greedy tax dollars, spending it on everything but helping smokers since 1964. 

This is better. How can anyone say differently unless theirs a wad of big pharma cash in their back pocket the basics tell us = 3500 - 7000 chemicals vs a handful as long as one of those isn't a Taipan Snake its got to be better. Kids on e-cigs is better than kids on tobacco. The dullest person in the world must get this or we may be doomed to extinction because the idiots seem to be getting the better of it.

One scenario is worse than the lot and this toasting tobacco as a cessation thing is it. Because if that means Philip Morris and his his murderous mob get that foot in the door, I'm packing it in and taking up heroin and Russian roulette. Because the worlds been taken over by parasites and one way or another I am out.

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