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Updated: Sep 3, 2019

First up I may be a bit clunky with this gear as this is a 1st for me and kind of weird to be sending this to no one in particular but everyone with all different views and ideals. So I am hoping I will not offend too many along the way, but what I write is going to be nothing to try to grab headlines, but only what I believe in and if someone has different opinions, great lets use this and the other social media that is to come from A.V's to discuss these massive issue in a controlled manner. But leave attitude, poor form and the Trolls under the bridge.

I have had a fair few career changes but this is going to be probably the most extreme and challenging so far. There's only been one other thing that has challenged me far more....... I need a drum roll or something...... obviously to quit.

My 1st attempt would have been 18 already had been on them for an easy 5-6yrs. I started with some pill that's name has gone on the heap and been forgotten but it looked like what you get when you get a gel cap fish oil vitamin, next up were the patches with a bit more success. Obviously not enough. Hypnotism - Patches - Champix along with Temazepam to dampen the horrors in my dreams - Champix again. The last go was Patches, gum & inhalers all at once from the quitline through a builders scheme, really nice thought, considering partners and any family member could also go on the program. You may have noticed a pattern that has emerged here and unfortunately the only ones happy out of the whole process are the Big Pharma cleaning up on another dope.

I looked at a lot of places in Brisbane & found they blew off the interested & wanting to start vaping people, who would come into their shops like irritations to their day. And those people would leave the store looking confused with a touch of pissed off they had wasted their day. Which is criminal. This will sound corny to most, but, I truly want to get as many people as I can to join us in what we have here. And that takes information that hasn't been twisted to suit or vague enough to imply but not back up with factual data. We all have to remember these are lives we are talking about and a lot of them. The worst of it all is the people who can & should be helping seem to be blocking it as hard as they can with a great line "there's not enough research done been done". They can't be looking to hard. There's one here they could start off with a report commissioned by Public Health England and the authors sound pretty top notch too. I've got the feeling blog entries should be shorter than this so I will wrap it up and attempt this again soon. Maybe I might be talking to someone by then. We are looking at a July 12th on-line open so all going well that will be go time.



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