Samsung Batteries

The batteries we use in our vape devices are sometimes a very misunderstood and often feared part of vaping that makes a number of vapers stay with in-built battery devices for good.

We thought we might explain a little about the batteries we offer. Hopefully it explains a little and helps you feel more confident when choosing a battery for your specific needs. The following Samsung batteries all have different characteristics which give vapers the options to suit any set up. 18650's are the most commonly used battery size by vaping manufacturers for use in their mods. However 20700 & 21700 sized batteries have their place and are becoming increasingly popular amongst vapers, but due to their size they are mostly only used in single battery mods.

Samsung 30Q 18650

The 30Q is the long distance runner of them all with 3000mAh (Milliamp Hour). The mAh refers to energy capacity or battery life, the higher the mAh the longer they go. However the trade off for this is power refered to as - CDR (Continuous Discharge Rating). The Samsung 30Q rates at 15A (20A if kept under 75°C). So keep these to regulated mods with lower to mid level power requirements.

Now, a high power performer labelled as the "hardest hitting 18650 available now"

Samsung 20S 18650

While the 30Q hits at 15A the 20S doubles that to 30A of power, making it the battery of choice for Mech and low resistance set ups. Prior to the 20S any battery hitting at 30A only had a max capacity of 1500mAh whereas Samsung achieve a respectable 2000mAh. For the impressive high performance the Samsung 20S delivers, it still gives enough capacity for a decent vape time.

The all rounder with a balance of both capacity and power.

Samsung 25R 18650

A great all rounder with 2500mAh capacity and a 20A CDR the 25R provides vapers with a battery that will be suitable for most set ups, although nothing to extreme. 2x 25R batteries in a dual battery mod will give excellent power and capacity for all day vaping. The 25R is a tried and tested battery that has been around for some time yet still holds its own.

Now for the bigger battery in the family.

Samsung 30T 21700

The 30T shows why people are looking for mods that are compatible with 21700 batteries. 3000mAh and 35A provides the best of both worlds.

The 30T is seen as the benchmark in 21700 batteries at the moment being the only one able to supply 100W per single battery. The problem remains with the size of the battery being quite large manufacturers can only fit a single 21700 battery bay to keep their mods an acceptable size and weight.

Quick Tips:

- This sizing of the battery gives these batteries their commonly used name:

18mm Diameter x 65mm Length = 18650. 21 x 70mm (D x L) = 21700

- Damaged battery wrapping no matter how small can cause anything from device damage to potential dangerous battery conditions leading to thermal runaway. Please replace battery wraps before further use or if the battery is damaged dispose of.

- Batteries should be used in pairs. If you are using a mod that requires 2 batteries then buy the same brand of batteries at the same time, charge them together and use them together. This will mean they discharge at the same rate and have the same characteristics. This will ensure the battery usage, efficiency and life span will remain balanced and equal.

- When transporting batteries outside of a device use a battery case that protects your batteries from getting any damage when in a handbag, centre console or wherever they end up.

- These batteries are not made for vaping and battery manufacturers will warn of this if they even acknowledge vaping usage at all. These batteries are intended for an enclosed case that are then charged as a single unit and never removed i.e. laptops, power tools etc. We use these batteries at our own risk and therefore need to be educated in the use of them.

LG's Warning -

- Inferior batteries are often re-wrapped as LG, Samsung, Sanyo and Panasonic to sell at better prices than they can normally ask. If you have reason to suspect a counterfeit battery please allow the vendor the opportunity to investigate it themselves. Most vendors don't intend to sell counterfeit batteries and could get caught out themselves.

- Our best resource for vaping battery information is the Battery Mooch @batterymooch he has personally tested more batteries for vaping than any other. The Mooch is someone every vaper should know of if vaping with external batteries. Please look him up. This video is a good place to start.


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