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Updated: Sep 3, 2019

So you've done it... you kicked the ciggies to the curb. You happened to achieve it with the help of an e-cigarette device & you feel pretty good about it.

Damn it, everybody else should be pretty happy that you have got the stinking things out of your life as well.

Then after awhile you realise they aren't happy at all. Most look at you the same or if not worse. They may have been exposed to some of the endless rubbish that spews from so called scientists and professionals that can't be backed up with peer reviewed, credible facts. They may have just made their own mind up about it because the legislation restricts the availability we have to tell the masses of the beneficial sides of vaping.

They even send you to smoking areas to vape.

All of the data coming from credible areas mostly if they give a number all roughly hit around a figure of 90-95% better for you than traditional tobacco burning cigarettes. They are waiting for long term data, 10+yrs, to become available to rectify the missing 5-10% confidently.

Now majority of smokers turned vapers aren't idiots we know the lung was designed to breath fresh air and it can filter out some impurities. We know that inhaling anything other than the said fresh air is not the best for the lungs as it contains impurities on a larger scale than the fresh air scenario. However I think you will find that most vapers are starting to think about their lungs as getting better and throwing of the tar blanket they were wearing & pinking up. Personally my asthma has cleared and I can smell better, breath deeper and without a rattle coming from the depths.

A lot of no-smoking policies from airports & public areas to private business don't make a distinction between Vapers and Cigarette Smokers therefore placing vapers into tobacco smoking areas as the only place to go to vape. This is placing vapers in the proven harmful position of being exposed to 2nd hand cigarette smoke. If any business in Australia decided to bring a policy into effect that placed a non smoker in an area that gave them the same exposure to 2nd hand smoke there would be lawsuits flying everywhere & Safe Work Australia officials crawling over the business. Vapers & a growing number of medical professionals now consider vapers as non smokers and considerably increasing their health & well being. So why should we be exposed to cigarette smoke and the known carcinogens because gov't - state & federal are to lazy or being benefited in other ways by not setting down guidelines that protect vapers as well as they now protect "non smokers"??? Are we going to see lawsuits coming from employees that were made to sit themselves squarely in the middle of a haze of smoke for several years and then developed cancer, because they were vapers???

It can be quite disheartening when you realise you are

considered the same as a 30 a day smoker in the eyes of the gov't, the law if you vape outside those smoking areas. Insurance companies who will still classify you as a smoker & charge you accordingly. The general public - as they only see the really large & loud captions in articles and news reports about how vaping might be bad & could be harmful. These being the only ones that make the media buzz and get any airtime. Who wants to report about smokers getting themselves better with a big bold news piece, no Murdochs or Packers that's for sure.

I came into Christchurch airport expecting the best after hearing how the kiwi's had beaten Australia to the punch again with legislating for vaping & deeming vapers to be non smoker. I went up to the help desk to clarify that I could vape outdoors anywhere only to be pointed to a small "shack" with the smokers. Turns out they had changed their gov't and were awaiting the new gov't to sign off on the laws introduced or amend them. But what a disappointment, I chanced the possible fine because that was rubbish. So I know how it feels and after the 100th person gives you a little nod or a 'can i get a toke on that' as if it was packed to the brim with sticky green shit, you feel like throwing it at someones face.

Government federal, state, local whatever level need to set definitive guidelines and regulate the industry to the factual information available. This will then allow businesses, councils, venues etc to form their own set of guidelines more informed and following a clear path free not to worry about discrimination and endangering their staff. We can not have our products labelled and inserted into Tobacco Related Products as it is in Queensland for one. So, was it considered that all vaping products should be put there on the basis that nicotine is used in vaping devices and that the tobacco plant has the highest concentrations of nicotine in it and its therefore primarily farmed from the tobacco plant???

That's has got to be one of the most idiotic ways of getting to legislation, in that way of thinking we should also place the eggplant, potato & tomato into the law as well. My products contain zero nicotine, my personal e-cigarette collection and its e-liquids contain zero nicotine, having zeroed out nicotine. In fact its illegal for me to sell a sniff of anything containing nicotine, its illegal to have it and vape it. So why am I then painted with Tobacco Related Products & Smoker labels??

We have Bullying, violence & harassment rights. Discrimination Legislation focused on giving colour, nationality, ethnicity, ethnic origin, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, political and religious beliefs, marital status rights and a legal basis to defend themselves.

Discrimination - Discrimination happens when a person, or a group of people, is treated less favourably than another person or group because of their background or certain personal characteristics.

So where are our rights??? I guess its only our lives being lost in the hundreds per day that we need to protect ourselves against?

No one seems to be flying that flag in support of us. In fact they more so want to burn our flag because we deserve it. We started smoking. Even if it was well known when most of us started how truly evil they were and probably should have been banned for the sheer numbers of deaths occurring from the use of it.

Unfortunately its all up to us, we need to start making vapers look like we deserve the rights to not inhale 2nd hand smoke and be deemed as a non smoker.

Be mindful of peoples pre conceived ideas and don't blow a huge cloud in their face or vape around their children.

Then when they do seem interested educate them with some vaping vs tobacco facts, the real information is out there. Just look at the reports that use - might, could, may & possibly in their statements against vaping and move on to the next one as they have zero proven facts when using words like that in their reports.

We have to do something to improve the

view of vaping as if we don't they will

keep getting the numbers to make idiotic,

uneducated policy against us.

If you don't believe me take a look at the growing strength behind flavour bans in the U.S. which is fundamentally going to drive kids back to tobacco. No flavour distinction, cheaper in the short term, more accessible, less to figure out a pack of cigarettes will become more attractive again to a child.

Maybe just something to keep in mind when around perfectly pink lunged people.


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