Suorin Drop - Coatsy's Review

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Suorin Drop Kit, is a revolution in ultra-portable vape mods. Designed like a teardrop, you won't find anything quite like it in the vape scene. If you want a sleek, stealthy vape mod that fits into your pocket and into the palm of your hand, you found it. Not only are the aesthetics on point, but the minimalist design lends itself to simplicity by an intelligent temp sensor tucked inside the tiny device and a built-in air switch to minimize accidental firing. That's the company spiel now for Coatsy's Corner.


That is tiny, the Suorin Drop fits straight into your coin pocket with no troubles. I had the Drop with me for a couple of weeks away, somewhat roughing it, so it got a fair run in and everyone that saw it had to give it a go too.

It got thrown around to everyone at a wedding for the night. I only saw it a few times & one of those was when it was bouncing off the concrete and rolling down the path a bit. 

Great thing with this one is that friends (part time smokers) who before have tried having a go on my mod and coughed their lungs out jumped on the Drop and went all night on it. So perfect for a beginner who doesn't need as big a throat hit. It did enough for myself, and I wasn't left feeling wanting at any time, it wouldn't be my all day, everyday kit but its a hell of a good option when you're on your way out or don't have the pocket space for a bigger mod with a fire button. The only thing I was noticing for myself was the 1st puff cold starting it I would need to get it fired I would have to pump it with a few hits like a stogie to get it firing or it would take 2-3 goes before it was up to speed. That could be completely personal preference as I didn't notice anyone else having dramas with it.

The Suorin Drop's lack of a fire button is a nice little safety feature as well for people who forget that lock thing now and again, 5 clicks isn't very hard to remember but I seem to be able to do it quite often.

The only other issue I had with it was losing the bloody thing its so small and narrow I would find myself slotting it into spaces, I think more for the novelty of seeing where else I could stick it than anything else. But once again that's more of a personal issue. 

This has an easy refill flap that can be repeatedly refilled and then replaced for cheap. My cartridges seem to last forever, but I'm not a taste purist at the best of times so others would disagree most likely with that assessment. They are though, my favourite and go to stealth vape option to date. Suorin have nailed it & all the other copy cats that come after haven't even got a look in so far because the Suorin Drop deserve their time at the top for it.

Fantastic little kit love using it and the stealth aspect was better than any before. Look forward to using it again, when I find it.

Atomic Vapours is currently supplied with the Suorin Drop Kit

Suorin Drop Starter AIO Kit

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