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Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Atomic Vapours has a few things listed that we find works - surprises, tips and answers to some of the questions we keep getting asked. Also some general rules/ guidelines every vaper should try to follow. Once again these are what AV's recommends or has discovered they are not 100% gospel as everyone is different and has differing ways of approaching vaping. These are ours:

1. - Don't Trust Your Brain - In case this might be your virgin journey into being a quitter, or even if its your 10th go then early on is a good time to remind yourself how sneaky, underhanded but seductively, silky smooth it can be. The brain will pull out every trick in the books to return to smoky ways. It becomes a master at debating how 'just one' isn't really smoking or maybe how a certain someone should be rewarded for how well they have been doing and have a night off because - You Got This Now. It can get down right dangerous at times, a number of struggling cold turkeys have reported coming to and finding they had bounced a concrete median strip and where in the final process of completing a transaction for a pack of cigarettes. I recall a number of similar scenarios myself, but mostly the power-play going on for shoulder domination.....

Good vs Bad, Angel Vs Devil or whoever fights on your shoulders, the struggle is continuous & deafening at times. As soon as it realises you are for real this time and no matter how well equipped you are with a awesome set up that a lot of people you know have quit with the aid of, your Brain will at some point try to sabotage the deal. You have to remind it that you are getting everything you normally get from ciggies - expelling smoke (vapour), the throat hit, the nic (if you so wish), the motion of smoking, the social aspect.... everything is taken care of with a Vape.

But if you don't remind and soothe the grey

matter it can undo all the good work you have

struggled to achieve.

2. - Don't Set A Date - If you are like the majority of smokers, when someone tells you a date you have to give up by, nearly instantly your mind is sabotaging that date (See #1 - Don't Trust Your Brain), and that includes when you set that date yourself. It seems hard wired into us, so don't do it to yourself once again when picking up a vape. Once you find your perfect V-Spot (explained soon) on your device and Juice it will slowly take over and you will find you forget to have a cigarette for longer & longer periods of time. So forget the extra tension, a looming date will only make you stress, think about it to much and start to wolf down cigs leading into it, so you can get as many in as possible. At most give it a round-about time to pull the pin on the ciggies and do not beat yourself up if you have one after flicking them, remember how many you haven't smoked! It is a far better view of the achievement you have done so far. Relax for once leading into a quit attempt. ​

3. - Enjoy Flavour Again - Don't limit yourself to one flavour, try as many as you can because that perfect e-liquid you can sit on for days & days without a thought for the cancerous alternative, will take awhile to find (most of the time that is). You don't want to be vaping something that's not 100% floating your boat. This will just let your mind start to think back to the old faithful more than what's needed (see #1 - Don't Trust Your Brain:) When you can vape a Pina Colada with one hand and get a tank of Strawberries and Cream for the other, why would you want to sit on the same old flavour you found 6mths ago. Don't be to afraid that you are going to end up with a bad one, because you can pass that one on to a friend & that might be the flavour that spins their wheels. Knowing the vape culture & community you will most likely find the flavour favour is returned. p.s. Adults are allowed to like flavours that remind us of our past. Lolly, cake, sweet flavours just might remind us of when we last had taste buds before cigarettes stole that off us too. We are not here to lure children in to vaping with flavours. We are actually just enjoying something that doesn't kill us and tastes better than licking dried, chemically treated plant matter that has been reduced to ash.

4. - Keep It Simple - Just to reiterate from #1 - these are what AV's has found works & are only suggestions. We realise that everyone is different & other things may have worked for them. These are what has worked for us & the majority of our customers. Results will vary. Although you can get far simpler devices Atomic Vapours recommends devices for beginners that have: - VARIABLE WATTAGE & UNDER 100W adjusting the power to the tank effects heat, cloud, flavour etc. We find that not being able to dial the device into exactly what each beginner requires seems to fail more than not. Over 100 watts is over-kill at this point also. - INDEPENDENT TANK If the tank isn't working for you it may mean a change of tanks is all it takes to find perfection. If you only have an AIO (All In One) then its going to mean changing the entire device. - INTERNAL BATTERIES We believe that safety is paramount when vaping & adding external batteries to the things a new vaper has to learn about is unnecessary. 18650 & above sized battery safety is nothing to brush off as trivial, they can go into thermal runaway Another reason is reduced cost for beginners - likely, you have given quitting more than one go before & every time you usually end up paying for the method then the pack of ciggies afterwards. - RELIABLE MANUFACTURERS Make sure your chosen kit is a vape brand with a good reputation. Just because the store you are in has a lot of a brand doesn't mean its reputable. It may be cheap which also might mean its nasty as well. Please don't be led by 'heroes' telling you to get a squonk or a Rebuildable tank or the like, keep it simple & if it is working for you then you can look at broadening your horizons later. The cost of a pack of ciggies these days will certainly offset the cost of upgrading once you are happy vaping is working for you & you are saving dollars from not smoking. What we never recommend & disgusts us is seeing new vapers who have gone to get a little something & a bit of advice to go with it & then ended up with the wrong gear or advice. Example: recently a customer has come to us - "I just want to know what to do". The 2 week vaper had been gifted a 2nd hand kit - a bit beaten up & leaking but free. He went to a store for coils & advice on the leak. Left the store with - Drop RDA. CoilMaster Tool Kit. 24pk of Pre-made coils. Cotton & more. Around $170 worth of gear he didn't need. No ohmmeters in there or Ohms Laws mind you. A few questions and it would have been absolutely clear the guy was green & had no place being loaded with advanced vapers gear. WORSE even than that: An obvious beginner vaper & a shop attendant searching for the USB charging port on a Mech Tube together?? Attendant stops & says "oops, you can fit bigger batteries than the 18650's in there" & proceeds to get him some 20 or 21700 batteries..... Both witnessed, true stories. A new vaper should never be directed towards experienced vapers products, unethical at best & nothing the vaping industry needs to be associated with. ​

5. - Prepare For The Worst - Whatever the budget look to your 2nd purchase ASAP if its a Box Mod style device or another Pod device, AIO whatever. There are countless stories of vapers having that heart stopping moment when it falls out of a hand smash, crash, bang that non-smoking success story can suddenly becomes jeopardised. Don't let yourself be in a position of not having replacement glass for your tank, another set up or set of batteries etc if the thing falls or fails. They are still an electronic device with a lot of technology and moving parts like your mobile phone except we have e-liquid sitting on top of that tech added into the mix also. So remember they are prone to problems if dropped or banging around in bags, pockets, tool belts etc. There will be a number of you that will go far further than a 2nd set up and have a collection that could bankroll a small country. Everyone doesn't need to be that extreme but definitely a break in case of emergency back up vape is essential. This is not a sales tactic of ours its just good practice. ​

6. - Rules - Mostly vaping is very subjective, however there are some things that need to be followed by all vapers. Mostly these are for your own safety but also they can impact the safety of vapings public integrity and perception. - Turn your device off when you plan to be putting it somewhere that it may lean against something and hit the fire button - pocket, handbags, centre consoles anywhere it might fire unintentionally. 5 clicks of the fire button - on/off - is a small job. - Although a lot of manufacturers have started to make their external battery mods USB charge safe by including protections to safeguard USB charging. We highly recommend charging external batteries in a charging device that is specifically designed for that purpose. It is good practice and quality chargers are a far safer and better option for your batteries. - If using external batteries please check constantly for any damage to the protective sleeve or to the battery cell itself. If there is any damage a $2 battery cover is far better than shorting out a battery and possibly damaging your mod & yourself also. If your battery is submersed in water do not use it again & NO rice doesn't work. - Do not use knock off's. Devices & tanks will not be made to the same safety standards as reputable brands. Cheap coils will also have cheap lifetimes, cheap materials and using them in some circumstances will void warranties if found used in devices. - Do your research. When looking for a new vape experience that will be something above what you are comfortable with, you have to look into what is required of you to know how to safely operate that gear. Yes, we realise that we aren't operating high risk construction machinery or something similar here, however the vaping world has enough bad press just by showing up. Although so far we have been pretty good the U.S. often have news reports with people who are looking bewildered as to why their non compatible sub-ohm tank has blown off the end of their mech mod. It is bad for vaping as a whole as media outlets will always blame vaping and not user error. - Australian vendors can not supply E-Liquid that contains nicotine. Please don't ask for juice as your vendor legally can not supply this service to you. - Athra (Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association) have fantastic information resources in regard to vaping State & Federal Laws, TGA - Therapeutic Goods Administration & nicotine. This page in particular is one every new vaper should read and understand completely. Please read to the bottom as you will also find how these laws compare to other 1st world countries.

7. - Things That Will (Most Likely) Happen - - Your first is going to leak, spit and tighten so much you will need to use tools to undo parts. Even with a quality set up. For some reason the majority of beginners first set ups end up having all of these problems. Whether its a bit of nervous over-tightening or just playing with it to much your first will most likely not last the distance & you will come across one of these issues if not all. - You will throw away instructions. For the most part these are absolutely useless. But keep them though for the button combinations i.e. 5 clicks on/off etc. For more clear & concise info look up a few reviewers videos as they generally break down all the parts and pick up on things that you would never even know was there. - Coughing, even though you would imagine a moist intake of vape would be far less irritating than taking a dry burning drag it will still make you cough. Your body will take a little time to adjust to the difference. That may take a few days or may take a few weeks. Another reason we don't recommend setting a quit date but allowing things to settle and become tolerable so it doesn't point you back to durries just for a rest from the coughing. - You will get confused by all the different things vaping has or will throw at you from time to time. Relax & find that vaping spot that is perfect for you first & foremost, then worry about the rest later. You may just want to stay with what you know & what works for you. That's also fine. - These things will happen too: You won't smell of cigarettes. You will have more money in your pockets for the real stuff in life - family, vacations, treating yourself, fun. When you go to kiss your kids goodnight they won't shy away from you. More time as you won't be planning your next smoke or finishing of your ciggie whilst everyone goes on ahead. More LIFE. These small inconveniences will pale in comparison to what you may gain from mastering them. A great video from Steve at Legion Vapes details exactly what AV’s thoughts are on beginners need to know. Check out all his reviews and helpful videos but start with this one:

8. - People Will Still Think The Worst - Unfortunately people will still look at you like you are poisoning the air for a good 100 metre radius around you. On top of that you will also get a ton of people try to discredit vaping with no more research than "it must be bad for you, they just haven't found it yet". The best thing you can do is educate yourself on the facts from credible studies. This also means you have to acknowledge any bad as well as good findings on vaping. I don't think anyone will argue that vaping is 100% safe or healthy, as most realise that unless its oxygen then we shouldn't be knowingly breathing it in. But we also need to look at the alternative too. 1000's of chemicals with more than 70 known to cause, initiate or promote cancer. It is extremely difficult to sift through the good, the bad and the ugly of vaping news as there is a lot of misinformation going back years from all quarters. Peer reviewed study is always credible along with links and credits to attributing information sources. We will have some links we have found to be a great source of information at the bottom. Please though have a good knowledge of what we do as you will be challenged on vaping even when people can see beneficial health effects from not smoking any more. Try to change someone's point of view on vaping by blasting them with some factual info.

Royal College of Physicians - Nicotine without smoke, Tobacco harm reduction report

A Billion Lives Documentary

Australian Vaping Laws By State By ATHRA

U.K. E-Cig Publications from Public Health England

Is Nicotine All That Bad - Scientific American

Peering through the mist: systematic review of what the chemistry of contaminants in electronic cigarettes tells us about health risks

Todd Shapiro Show - Canadian Heart Surgeon Perspective

Vapings Biggest Enemy - By GrimmGreen Hopefully some things here will help you or give a bit of clarity to some issues that have been bugging you. AV’s.

Support your local Aussie Vape store, because the Gov't won't.

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