Vermont Bans E-Cigs

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

January 11, 1964 when Luther L. Terry, M.D., Surgeon General of the U.S. released the first report on Smoking. Based on more than 7,000 articles relating to smoking and disease already available at that time in biomedical literature, the Advisory Committee concluded that cigarette smoking tobacco is:

- A cause of lung cancer and laryngeal cancer in men - A probable cause of lung cancer in women - The most important cause of chronic bronchitis

That was way back in 1964. Vermont has had 55yrs to ban cigarettes but hasn't. Somehow Vermont's law makers passed through a complete ban on retailing e-cigarettes, in record time it seems for legislation to be pushed through also. So, a complete ban on a product that is harm reducing and leaving the completely harmful and deadly cigarette to reign supreme on shops shelves.

At some point are we not going to start calling for the political heads of the people associated to stalling the availability of a harm reducing product.

If you don't think it will happen here in Australia just look to the draconian laws South Australia recently passed and what NT have coming in shortly.

Its happening already.

Support your local Aussie Vape store, because the Gov't won't.


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