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Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Hon Lik The inventor of the E-Cigarette & Lifesaver of Millions

Call it what you will, this is a look at two of the biggest influences in vaping.

firstly one of the most unappreciated men in the vape world, most wouldn't recognize him, although he should be up for a Nobel prize and Knighthoods wherever he goes.... not even Vapers, or did you??This man held the potential to allow health departments worldwide a chance to start focusing billions of dollars towards other health issues instead....... well here we are still fighting and clawing to keep vaping available to us.

In 2003 Hon Lik applied for a patent for an E-cigarette in China, and then the following year the 1st e-cigarette was manufactured.

And millions of people worldwide took a breath of fresh air. Something had changed there was a glitch in the Big Pharma, Big Tobacco and Big Taxes very own Matrix.

Hon Lik started smoking when he was 18yrs and when his work started putting stresses on him and he was forced to work longer and started smoking more. As a result he also noticed his health deteriorating, particularly the pulmonary tract. With his work being in research projects, his pharmaceutical science degree and personal interest in electronics he knew he could design a better quit smoking device than the patches he had been given before to quit with. In 2002 he began designing and testing e-cigarettes himself. He quickly came to the realisation & certainty that he could "create an unprecedented device: the Electronic Cigarette" In 2004 the first commercial e-cigarette was launched by the company Hon Lik was working for Ruyan.

Fast forward 15yrs....... hang on maybe some major bumpy bits on the road. In 2009 the FDA decided to flex its muscles. Salmonella cases were down for the year and they were getting a bit bored.................. No, haha, they were getting a bit sick of hearing that people had found a way to stop killing themselves ........................ no, that doesn't sound right either. Really, who the hell would know why they would do such things........ The same bunch of ass holes had been regulating and advising in the war on tobacco then just bundled all up under the tag of using a 'drug delivery device' therefore able to search & seize them and go back to telling the U.S. people they needed to get off the ciggies every chance they could.

As confused as this question WHY may make people now, they certainly were more than direct and clear when they shot the 1st bullet to signify the war on vaping had begun. By starting the seizure of 100's of thousands of dollars worth of ENDS devices in U.S. ports. The FDA had kicked of, now 10 years of misinformation, disgusting "scientific" results, some being proven to be doctored towards a bad outcome for the poor old e-cig.

Anyway fast forward again to 2018/19 and things are no better if not worse (in Aus) all of which has come about with not a shred of credible evidence. Scott Gottlieb here in our 2nd photo has released a statement outlining his battle plans against the evil Menthol, Donut and Cake flavourings but not for the increasing childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes surges nonononono. Vape Flavours have been given the final countdown and his reasoning which is compelling him to possibly take measures like these is a great read and has a few points that need to be looked at.

1 "The data show that kids using e-cigarettes are going to be more likely to try combustible cigarettes later." See now I don't think Scott has had a cigarette before as flavour is our ally here because if the kids have been vaping on donuts then go have a for real, real Marlboro Red Cig that will be the one and only they ever have. Cause Ciggies taste like shit. See works against the known killer. Kids safe on that one.

2. "The FDA continues to take aggressive action to protect the public health, especially among kids at risk of nicotine addiction and tobacco use." You seem to be able to ban everything else, how about you start by banning the chemicals added to tobacco so when combined with nicotine the addictive qualities of the tobacco are multiplied. its known they are there and now a number of studies are starting to show it may be far from the strength its always been outside a cigarette. Start on that addictive quality, hell if someone had of been a smart cookie years ago a few more may have had a chance of getting of it without needing to vape. Bingo Bango sorted that one too.

3. What kid likes menthol????????? There must be some husky dry throated kids in the U.S that need a bit of an Alpine Breeze to sort out the raspy throat .

4. E-cigarette use among high school students, which peaked at 16.0 percent in 2015, had decreased to 11.3 percent in 2016 and held steady in 2017. What I did not predict was that, in 2018, youth use of e-cigarettes and other ENDS products would become an epidemic.

Along with that soooooo not biased study from the CDC, it would be good to see the youth rate of children smoking tobacco cigarettes is?? Maybe even mention how a few years back their own goals of youth smoking rates were 5 years ahead of their biggest hopes. Might have been a coincidence for sure and all of these studies are only saying "Youth have tried" or "will try" not become addicted as we so easily were. They now have this great other non carcinogenic option.

Anyway these gentleman couldn't be any closer to Yin & Yang if they tried. It would be nice to think of a time when vapers lives become as valuable as non smokers .

One thing I have noticed and maybe we could all point it out to a non smoker some time is the way nicotine is talked about depending on what side of the fence you are on. Doom, Gloom, if you really shouldn't be practising medicine like my ex-MD who explained Nicotine to be as carcinogenic as " up there with the worst" when talking of cigarettes and e-cigarettes, yes we've heard it all our But all vaper should have a daily thought and thank you to the legend and If They Only Just Let Him world wide game changer. Hon Lik we raise a cloud to you. lives. But when it is being used by pharmaceutical companies trying to sell you a 'vape device' ... no hang on they have a different name for it..... Nicotine Inhaler. Just a few highlighted examples of the good/ bad feeling in language.

Google Search Of Nicotine Inhaler

Google Search Of Nicotine Vaping

Look at the little grubs Philip Morris squirming into both pages with as clean a conscience as Ted Bundy.

But all vapers should have a daily thought and thank you to the legend and If They Only Just Let Him world wide game changer. Hon Lik we raise a cloud to you.

Support your local Aussie Vape store, because the Gov't won't.


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