Zero Nicotine Vaping

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

A few things to think about if contemplating vaping without nicotine.

When I begun vaping I had no idea, like the majority of new vapers, about much at all when it come to setting myself up with e-liquids. Like most I looked over to NZ to buy pre mixed juices firstly, then to bulk free base nicotine to be able to:

a) mix with my own DIY juices.

b) have greater selection from locally supplied 0 nic juices.

Both an effort to have more control on nic'd juice in case of smashed bottles or being caught out ordering late and a tense wait on arrival times. Starting to think of falling back to the reliable, readily available cigarette scared me more than anything else. I also had no idea that 18, 12, 8, 4, 2mg (prior 2016 labeling) cigarettes referred not to the nicotine content but to the amount of lovely old tar content per cigarette. So I started vaping at 18mg nicotine. After watching a friend successfully drop from 12mg nic down to 8mg, without throwing hissy fits or dropping a bottom lip with the sads, I started heading towards 0mg.

Why bother if you don't have nicotine??

A large number of vapers don't understand the idea of zero nic vaping, thinking its redundant.

I would have thought the same when huffing on 18mg freebase mixed juice. What I did find when dropping mg's large, small or even zeroing out, I felt the same mentally as well as physically. This surprised me, as dropping mg's in cigarettes or "cutting down" on ciggies, always resulted in a 2yr old tantrum styled scenario playing out.

Normally before the end of the first day had passed.

I always knew my cigarette addiction was more than just nicotine dependence as having a beer, coffee, meal and any other excuse, doubled the number of smokes had. Being in certain situations would call for more. Trying near on every other quit tactic out there all resulted in rubbish results. A lot of these methods included nicotine replacement as part of the "therapy" and none satisfied the need for a cigarette. So the addiction, to me, had to be more than the nic. Just like pokies are much more than just the want to win for people. Flashing lights and free games on pokie machines being like the social smoking, the movements and process of rolling a cigarette like muscle memory - hard wired into my every day activities. So when dropping to zero I found the potency of nicotines addictive qualities was radically less when used away from tobacco cigarettes than what it's been labeled as for decades. I recommend all vapers to at least give it a go to see if it might work for them. After the initial thought followed by the inevitable panic subsides you will realise how much more control you have over it.

Benefits of vaping zero nic: - It is legal to purchase, possess & vape 0% nicotine e-juice everywhere in Australia. - Reducing the number of chemicals vaped, no matter how little or large the damage, is a good thing. - You have a larger selection, closer. Ordering on line your juice should be delivered quicker and if in a larger city, vape stores are springing up everywhere. No more nervous waits by the mail box. - No risk of little ones getting their hands on something that is very toxic to them.

- If they tightened the screws a little more in Australia and restricted nicotine availability further, you would already 1 step ahead of them. - Smoother and extreme flavour. Even when reduced to only 3mg nic content the throat and chest gets worked over and the flavour takes a back seat to the nic. Zero nic produces a smoother vape and a pure flavour profile. You may even find you will vape less but appreciate it more. This I'm sure will vary but everyone that I know that has zeroed has said the same. All ex-smokers now vaping know what a massive improvement they have given themselves when they got away from cigarettes.

Now maybe it's time to put the cherry on the top and get rid of the nicotine as well. 


Support your local Aussie Vape store, because the Gov't won't.

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