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18650 Battery Wraps (Shrink Wraps)

$2.00 Regular Price
$1.50Sale Price

2 x 18650 Vaping Battery Wraps/ Heat Shrink. 


Rips, tears or any spots on your 18650 Lithium-Ion vape batteries get them re-wrapped straight away. An easy process that will keep 18650 Atomic batteries going safely.


That small tear could lead to your battery becoming a dangerous item, please consider other vapers and do the correct & safe thing as we as vapers do not need more breaking news stories when it could be solved so easily. 


Battery Wraps are an essential safety item when using external batteries for your vaping. Any damage whatsoever to the battery needs examined and rectified ASAP many vaping devices will have metalic battery housing and if contact is made between the exposed tear in a battery when inside these devices may cause a short circuit. Please be aware of battery safety.   


Any damage that is permanant as in dents deep scratches to the battery housing, water exposure then batteries should be discarded straight away in accordance with local regulations/laws. 


2 x 18650 Vape Battery Wraps / Shrink Wraps


A hair dryer is probably the best option when putting these on.

- Do not wrap over top of damaged wrap as this may make the battery to large to fit into the mod comfortably and in doing so possibly damage the wraps once again.

- Please ensure when taking the previous wrap off, you don't damage the cell wall itself by using a knife or other sharp object. A sliip and you may scar the battery wall itself. Discard battery if this has occured.

- Be sure to keep the black or white O that sits on the positive side of the battery as this shields any contact with the nagative field of the battery

- Always start with an equal amount of overlap at each end and get the negative end nice and sealed up first so you can do the rest without it slipping.

- Place the O over the positive endof the battery and hold in place as the hair dryer will try to push it out. You may need to hold it down with something as it may be quite hot to hold it there with your finger exposed.

- Once ends are shrunk over, work your way over the battery trying to shrink the wrap equally. 

- If there are a few bumps and spots keep going until the whole battery wrap has been shrunk then come back and apply some more direct heat onto those areas, and they should take up nicely.

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