Craft Wallet - Premium Black/Silver Leather Quick Access Wallet

Craft Wallet - Premium Black/Silver Leather Quick Access Wallet

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Have more respect for your pocket

A sleek and modern wallet made of aerospace grade aluminium, beautifully designed to be minimal and versatile, yet with a price tag that won't cost you an arm and a leg.



The Craft Wallet Leather is the perfect option for those looking to carry more than cards. Fit your cash, coins and up to 6 cards in a slim and minimal premium wallet.

In addition to the aluminum card-holder with quick card access technology, the genuine leather pocket allows you to store notes, coins and extra cards with ease.




The leather in your Craft Wallet Leather comes from the village of Alcanena, Portugal. Leather goods have been produced in this area since 800 B.C.

More than 1200 years of experience working leather products reflect on the quality of the final product. The tannery that supplies Craft Wallet with leather is also the supplier of some of the world's best automobile brands like Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari. 

This is the type of leather that doesn't get ruined by time. It gets better, adding personality and a personal story to your wallet.The aluminum used to make your Craft Wallet is the same used by the aerospace industry to reinforce airplane wings and some crucial pieces in the rockets used by NASA, SpaceX and Blue Origin.Its called 7075-T6 and it's thermally treated for peak strength. Craft Wallet owners have dropped it from bridges and moving cars. Their cards weren't damaged.


Made in Portugal

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Features at a Glance

  • Holds 1 - 6 cards
  • Quick card access at a touch of a button
  • Genuine premium Portuguese leather pocket for coins, notes and cards
  • Fits comfortably in every pocket
  • 96mm x 67mm x 8mm
  • Premium aluminum thermally treated for peak strength (7075-T6)
  • RFID blocking

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