Everyday Cutting Board - Vie Belles

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Inspired by modern art, our double-sided cutting board has been finely sculpted by professionals, giving you the edge you deserve.


If you ever intend to wield a knife of distinction, use this board of magnificence and you'll prepare delicacies for years to come. 



Our subtly kind cutting board will give you a glorious surface to work on - the construction is an end-grain butcher block that will sit nicely on your table; this is a true piece of architecture that will spare you hours of hassle. It's aesthetic appeal is breathtaking, and is only second to the experience that you'll be graced with when cutting on this board.


What more could you ask for?

A knife holder, perhaps? A magnetic strip runs down the center of this board to hold your knives in place for ease of storage, so you can swap to your best blade in seconds.

We've also added an extra slot on the opposite end to aid with air circulation and ease of cleaning - preventing food from getting stuck!

Not to mention, the cutting board can be stowed away sitting on it's flat surface, or on it's side for space efficiency.


Only the finest craftsmanship and expertise by professional chefs have allowed us to construct, design and assure the sovereign quality of this cutting board.


Please note: As all of our products are made of natural wood, the colour of your product may not exactly match our pictures.


Country Of Origin - Canada

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  • Crafted from the finest materials: oregon black walnut, maple and oak.
  • Coated with an oiled, food safe finish in order to ensure smooth cutting.
  • Slice, dice and cut fruits, vegetables or big juicy steaks with ease.

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