Luxury Pro 8" Chef's Knife - Vie Belles

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This Luxury Pro 8" Chef's knife is the commander of slicing, dicing and mincing - pick up and transfer ingredients with the control of a true master. Decades spent perfecting the blade allows for a highly durable, razor-sharp edge - a classic for all professional chefs.



This luxury knife is the choice of professional chefs; upgraded to be the quintessence of your cooking arsenal. We know that you want to thrive in the kitchen, so we designed this knife to stretch your boundaries as a chef for years to come.


Living without this is a terrible shame. There's no comparison between this legendary knife and any simple knife. Handcrafted for over 100 hours, we have rigorously tested and assured that this knife is one of true distinction.

Each knife is delicately balanced and fine tuned for perfect precision and control by our team of expert bladesmiths.



We always seek to bring you only the best - only the highest caliber of Vie Belles. This knife is exactly that - the archetype of balance and performance. This knife will act as the extension of your mind and cooking prowess, infusing elegance into every meal.

Our Vie Belles Luxury Pro 8" Chef's knife is made of 67 layers of pure Japanese VG 10 Damascus steel; the blade is complimented with a Cocobolo handle (the arc provides excellent stability), pure black Micarta, and a brass bolster with a mosaic pin.

Featuring a full tang with a razor-sharp 15° blade angle on each side, 61-63 Rockwell hardness, we have dedicated years towards perfecting this knife.



An exclusive wood most often used on custom high-grade equipment, and with good reason.

Cocobolo is incredibly hard, dense - and most of all - stunningly beautiful. The wood has streaks of black, purple, yellow, red, orange, brown and white. It's simply amazing.

High oil content means the wood is very stable, even in wet applications, excelling in culinary uses. The woods oil content has the effect of killing off a variety of pathogens that end up on the surface, helping keep the handle sanitary for years!



Only a master would go to this knife, inciting envy within all other chefs; this solemn blade will ensure your meals are divine, every single time.


Please note: As all of our products are made of natural wood, the colour of your product may not exactly match our pictures.


Country Of Origin - Canada

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  • Forged with 67 layers of pure Japanese VG 10 Damascus steel.
  • Contoured handle for a smooth fit and magnificent appearance.
  • Graceful handling, allowing professional chefs to cut with masterful precision.
  • A versatile razor sharp edge, saving you years of time in the kitchen.

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